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When you just need a moment ..... 

How does a Calming Soak with bath milk, dried Lavender seeds & essential oil at the end of a long day sound? Well, that's only the beginning. This box was carefully designed for those who are looking to unwind but are time-poor, such as a busy mum who been chasing little ones around the house all day. Well, this one is for you, it includes an Organic essential roller for when you need a moment of clarity, handcrafted tea & relaxing oil for those pick-me-ups throughout the day. 


  • Super Green - "Chill" Bath soak a blend of bath milk, blend of essential oils & organic dried lavender seeds. 250g
  • Toil & Trouble - "Calm Your Farm" Tea a tranquil & soothing blend handcrafted loose leaf blend. 20 serves
  • Willelaine - "Motivate" Organic Essential oil blend of peppermint & sweet orange perfect for a moment of clarity. 10ml
  • Soap n Soak, Frankincense handmade soap. 
  • Yarra Valley Bath & Body - "Relaxing" essential oil blend infused with rosebuds. 50ml
  • Crystal - Selenite, the perfect stone for clarity & guidance, enhances the ability to clear your mind while its gentle healing abilities will work as safeguard against negative energy creating a peaceful & calm space.

All products are locally sourced & arrive beautifully packaged. 

*Please note, if a product is not in stock, we will replace it with a similar product to the same or higher value.