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All you need to cleanse your space of negative energies & welcome positive vibes on your path towards your new journey.


  • Amethyst - Powerful, gentle crystal that helps balance emotions. It absorbs negative energies and transforms them into a positive vibration 
  • Selenite - Known for its calming, peaceful energy, it cleanses the space from negative energy to bring about joyful vibrations 
  • Rose Quartz - Compassionate, gentle protective stone. It has a soothing vibration that nurtures a harmonious environment. 
  • Black Tourmaline - Strong energy protector, known to dispel negative energies.
  • Jute Pouch - For Crystal's 


* Please note- These are natural stones therefore, size, shape & colour may vary. 

They are all beautifully wrapped up using Eco-friendly, Recyclable & Reusable elements and are paired with a little intention & care card.