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The Crystal Kit Intention was created for you to manifest your desires and dreams. Open your mind, spirit and heart, and allow the energies of the crystals to move through you freely. 

Our thoughts create our reality. Therefore, with clarity and balanced energy, we shift our mind, spirit and heart to channel positive reconnections to our dreams. 

Affirmation: "Everything works out perfectly for me. I am living the life of my dreams and desires."


  • Tiger eye: Balance, vitality, fairness, practicality
  • Citrine: Manifestation, personal will, clarity, creativity, uplift
  • Aventurine: Confidence, optimism, good luck, heart centred
  • Clear Quartz: optimism, amplifies intentions, magnifies energies, healing


* Please note- These are natural. Therefore, size, shape & colour may vary. 

They come all beautifully wrapped up using Eco-friendly, Recyclable & Reusable elements and are paired with a little intention & care card.