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This crystal kit was curated to harness self-love & reconnect with one's higher self. The journey of life takes us down many paths & it can be challenging at times, so we must check in with ourselves & ensure we practice self-love and reconnection. 



  • Clear Quartz - Is known as the "Master Healer." The most powerful healing and energy amplifying crystal. It helps release energy blockages. This beauty also cleanses the aura, and absorbs, stores releases & regulates energy while illuminating the spirit. Also great to help manifest your intentions, and enhance spiritual growth and wisdom. It allows pure energy to manifest while dispelling negative energy.
  • Citrine - Citrine crystal inspires optimism & bring abundance by focusing on prosperity, joy & energy. They are also known to absorb negativity whilst promoting joy and happiness. 
  • Rose Quartz - Opens the heart Chakra to self-love, receiving love, healing with love. Releases past emotional trauma. 
  • Amethyst - Crown Chakra, helps one connect with their higher self. Aids in spirituality & enlightenment. 
  • Jute Pouch 

* Please note- These are natural. Therefore, size, shape & colour may vary. 

They come all beautifully wrapped up using Eco-friendly, Recyclable & Reusable elements and are paired with a little intention & care card.