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There's always a bright side. inspire positivity  & manifestation with this little box filled with all that's need, Greatness journal to put all those aspirations to paper with the energies of the divine Critine know for its ability to encourage manifestaion & personal will. 


  • Handmade ceramic mug.
  • Toil & Trouble - Hand-crafted, loose leaf tea blend box (20 serves) 
  • Lisa Maje - Hand-finished journal, made from recycled heavyweight kraft card cover, with organic, bamboo string wrap.
  • Citrine mini Crystals Cluster -  premier stone for Personal Will, Manifestation & imagination. 

All products are locally sourced & Arrive beautifully packaged.

*Please note, if a product is not in stock, we will replace it with a similar product to the same or higher value.