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  • What makes our gift boxes Natural & Eco friendly?

    When we began to envision the birth of Mia & Mae Co, we wanted the soul & heart of the business to be based around our main values, Sustainability & Natural products, free from nasties.

    Our journey to create a collection of holistic gift packs and hampers that didn't come at a cost to our planet & were free of nasty chemicals. That were Inspired by our own beliefs & experiences regarding wellness & self care.

    It is all of our responsibility & duty to do our bit to help reduce our carbon foot print and impact on the environment. Just by taking little steps we can all make a difference and look after what gives us all so much, our planet....Earth!

    Our respect and appreciation for our planet which we call home, runs deep in our hearts. Mia & Mae Co. collection of Eco-friendly gift boxes are packaged in boxes made from recycled materials that can be reused & recycled. All the of our tags and cards are printed on recycled paper.  All the sweet trimmings are made from from natural materials that can be reused, beautiful gift boxes don't have to come at a cost to our planet.

    Now, lets talk about all the beauties you can find in our eco-friendly gift boxes.  We searched, tried and tested all our these beauties from all over Australia.  We are proud to be working with some truly amazing like-minded businesses who share the same fundamental values, sustainability and natural products free from toxins.

    natural and eco-friendly gift box

    All the the products featured in our gift boxes are Natural, made by small businesses, in small batches using natural ingredients, free of any nasties, and beautifully packaged using recycled materials or recyclable.  

     We feel blessed and happy to see our vision blossom and grow.

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