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Cleanse, Cleanse & Cleanse...... 

Gift perfection for someone who is moving homes, starting a new chapter, or needs to cleanse the energy around them. Everything they need is right here.

The smudging of Sage & Palo Santo is known to cleanse spaces of negative energies, restoring more harmonious energy to your space & is also known to enhance one's mood, leaving you in a more positive state of mind. We have also picked the perfect crystal combination that works hand in hand with the smudging ritual. 


  • Toil & Trouble, 2 blends of handcrafted tea blends, 10 serves per pouch
  • Willow Tree Skin Care, , A Rosehip & white tea hand & body cleanser 250ml along with a hand & body lotion 250ml 
  • Sage & Palo Santo 
  • El Sun & La Luna Soy Candle, hand-poured  scented candles.
  • Crystals- Tourmaline Generator, known for its Protective abilities against negative energies & thoughts, encouraging positive thoughts & Grounding abilities 
  • Crystal- Selenite Generator, is said to support clarity & guidance, perfect for clearing the mind & heightens self-awareness.

All products have been locally sourced & arrive beautifully packaged.

*Please note, if a product is not in stock, we will replace it with a similar product to the same or higher value..