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These crystals have been consciously selected to help support you through your healing journey. Allow their energies to flow and embrace you on your journey. 

Hold these crystals in your hand and allow for the gentle energies to soothe and embrace you. Use them when your journalling, meditating, at work etc... the list is endless, get creative on how you can consciously assist your own healing. You are amazing. 


  • Amethyst - Known to relieve stress & anxiety, bring a sense of calm & serenity 
  • Rhodonite - Nurtures the heart, brings calmness & self-confidence.  
  • Rose Quartz - Crystal of self-love, restores trust, peace & forgiveness.
  • Clear Quartz - Master healer, amplifies energies & balance the entire the body.
  • Jute Pouches 

* Please note- These are natural therefor size, shape & colour may vary. 

All beautifully wrapped up using Eco friendly elements, Recyclable & Reusable.

 Along with a little intention & care card.