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A Crystal kit to help remind the heart is strong, and this is another step in the process of self empowerment. Place the crystals in your hand or under your pillow to help you heal the heartbreak.  

Embrace & let their energy flow, promoting  strength, healing, self love & calmness to support your healing journey. 

Affirm: " My Heart is healing & I'll be okay" 


  • Rose Quartz - Opens the heart chakra to self love, (self) forgiveness & peace
  • Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Clarity & strengthens spiritual connection with oneself
  • Howlite - Gentle healing & Soothing energy to help calm emotions 
  • Lepidoite - Transformation, optimism,  & a sense of calm.
  • White Sage - Know to clear negative & unwanted energies. 
  • Palo Santo - Know to help relieve stress, anxiety  & refreshing your space as you go through your healing journey. 
  • Jute Pouch

* Please note- These are natural therefor size, shape & colour  may vary. 

All beautifully wrapped up using Eco friendly elements, Recyclable & Reusable. Along with a little intention & care card.